I love it when writer’s meetings look like this.

I have an awesome writer’s group.

We’ve been meeting now for almost six years, and it’s been fascinating to watch everyone grow as writers and individuals. Our individual story-telling styles – and the stories we choose to write – have changed drastically during that time, but the essential core of who we are has not.

Individually and collectively, the group has proven a consistent Safe Place for ideas, scary out-of-your-comfort-zone writing, word sprints, excessive coffee consumption, field trips to used books stores, and the kind of random hilarity that makes other coffee drinkers quickly relocate to distant tables at our favorite coffeeshop.

Added to that is the never-swerving encouragement to keep on swimming, keep on writing, keep on doing what makes me Me and makes us Us.

Which is why, when I finished my 8th draft of Memento Mori (now retitled The Blank Mara) this past summer, the group’s unanimous response was to have a pool party and homemade pie.

Blueberry-peach-basil pie. From scratch. With vanilla ice cream.


Be jealous. It was delish.

I’d spent 3 years – almost to the day – bringing Welsan, Jada, Casper and Gallows to life, along with all their obstacles and hardships. They knew how long I had labored over it,  wrestled with the material, and doubted myself along the way. And so they encouraged me, as only like-minded cohorts can.

Let’s face it: Most writerly moments – good and bad – can only be helped along by pie.

I wish all my writing friends could have such a group they could call their writerly home. There’s so much said today about inclusion, tolerance, and finding that “safe place” – and that extends to the ideas and stories we share in writing. Even when the stories are fictitious, they are still deeply connected with who we are and where we come from.

So – thanks, y’all. To all my writerly friends who have helped me get to this whole new stage of the writing life.

And to my blogging family: I hope you have a network of writerly souls who encourage your dreams and ideas on a regular basis.

If you do – or don’t – I’d love to hear you out. Drop by the comments and fill me in! Perhaps the road to publication is long, but there’s no law that says we must do it alone. 😎