Hello there. What are YOU up to these days??

So we’ve tumbled – at last! – into my favorite time of year: Autumn. I won’t deny that I’m glad to see summer go. Yes, I know that puts a big question mark over my sanity, but…meh. It’s been my fave this long, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

But other things do change, large and small.  For instance:

1. My first query-worthy (?) manuscript, Memento Mori (now retitled as The Blank Mara) is…well…out on queries. No news yet, but I’ve only just started the process, so stayed tuned.

2. It is now NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month officially started yesterday, and yes – I am participating again. I began in earnest on The Blank Mara’s sequel, The Scrying Knot, and am having a grand time further complicating the lives of my characters. I’m also ahead on my word count (so far), so I’m feeling pretty good about it at the moment.

3. Now that November is here, it’s time for the yearly VisDare hiatus. I’ve learned from past years that flash fiction participation drops to almost nil during November and December. NaNoWriMo, coupled with a long and full holiday season, means that flash writing takes a back seat for larger, grander projects – and of course, family and friends.

Especially family and friends. Especially those who put up with my quirky writerly behavior the rest of the year. I figure that, if they’re still talking to me by the end of NaNo, then the least I can do is leave it alone during the November/December festive season.

And traveling! I’ll be doing a bit of that, too. Unfortunately, none of it will require a passport, but I’ll take it. A few days away from the ordinary is looking pretty good right now.

But there are still other posts coming over the following weeks; and if you’re a VisDare regular, be sure to put this on your calendars: the VisDare weekly challenge returns on January 13th, 2016.

That’s it for now! If you’re doing NaNo this year – or not – I hope you have a splendid and productive November. And if you ARE an official NaNo participant this year, feel free to add me to your buddy list! I’m on the site as Ringscar. 🙂

Doing NaNo? Got travel plans? Working on the next great American novel? Let me know in the comments!