WOW. It is so great to be back in the VisDare swing of things! Last week’s entries were absolutely phenomenal, and I love having entries in the comments. It was great to see people giving feedback to fellow flash-fictioneers, and of course it means a lot to the individual author to see other responses to their work.

More on the VisDare reboot below (if you’re just now tuning in); but first — our newest visual challenge!


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Quick recap of the 2016 VisDares rules:

* 150 words per entry

* Write from the black-and-white image given

* Word given in the post title suggests a direction (usually many directions) and does not need to be included in the entry itself.

* Post your 150 word entry IN THE COMMENTS.

* If you go over 150 words – great! Post it on your blog, and then include the link in the comments. But please save the comments for the 150-word stories.

Additional questions? Need a cool VisDare badge with which to decorate your writer’s blog? Take a look at the Visual Dare tab for more information.

You’ve till next Tuesday midnight before the following prompt goes up!

Happy Writing!