AMMENDED 3/31/16: The author of this wonderful photograph, Matthew Herring, contacted me this morning, and asked that I credit him by and name, and with his website. I do this whole-heartedly because (a) It is the right thing to do, and I do whatever I can to give artist’s their proper credit for work well rendered; and (b) his photography is AMAZING and you should all browse his collection, and not just the one photo!

Incidentally – this photo won the Urban catgory of the 2013 National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition, and deservingly so. Congratulations (belatedly), Mr. Herring, and thank you for allowing the VisDare crew to use your photo as a writing prompt.


It’s late. We’re having storms. So I’m setting this to auto-post and hoping I can click “schedule” before the lights go out. Because OF COURSE I don’t want this one to go up late! This is too good a photo to pass up, and I want everyone to have all the time they need to add a maahhhhhhvelous entry for it.

1 week. 150 words. Post entries in the comments! For more info see the Visual Dare tab.

Now to go look over the entries for #127: “Lift” before the lights go out.

(If only I could just write, and read VisDares all day! You guys rock my world.)

Happy writing!


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