If you follow the link (I always post a link to the photo source, btw), you’ll see that this is a snapshot from inside an abandoned mental asylum in Manteno, Illinois. With all the discussion happening (finally!) regarding mental illness, I find this to be an especially powerful symbol of our current dialogue (Or non-dialogue?) about this issue.

Clicking the link leads you to Etsy, but also to a brief explanation about this particular room, and the woman who made the walls and tubs her diary. (NOTE: Could contain trigger material.)

Of course, your entry doesn’t HAVE to be about mental illness – but it could be. Or it could spin a hundred other stories. The main thing is to go where this image speaks to you. 150 words. One week. Entries posted in the comments. Visual Dare tab is there with FAQs for newcomers.

Sift those words. Write those entries. I know you all have a powerful story to match this image.



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