From last week: letting Mr. Spinalzo/Hoskins ride jumpseat on the way to dress rehearsals for Arsenic and Old Lace. My students make an awesome corpse, don’t they?

Occupational therapy starts today.

I am so grateful that speech-to-text technology has come so far; that is the only way I’ve been able to post, type, and interact online for the most part these past two weeks. It is how I am writing this now.

Because of this, and the wonderful support of family and friends, I have been able to give my arms enough rest that I am feeling a lot better now. The pain is (blessedly) no longer constant, although the underlying problem is still there.

So if you would, please send good vibes, prayers, and overall good mojo my way at 11 AM EST. I am still hopeful that I have not done permanent damage to my arms, and I would like to keep it that way. At the very least, I need to know how to maintain the quality of life I already have – and to head off any recurrences if at all possible.

I don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out last week’s post.

The next VisDare goes up tomorrow night just before midnight, per my usual habit. Hope to see you there!