If you can’t tell by my spike in Tweeting lately — I’ve got my arms back. Mostly. I still need a couple more OT sessions before I can go back to the pottery studio, but at least I can now type without pain or discomfort, or needing to ice down my arm.

This makes for a very happy Angela. Couple that with the end of school this week (YESSSSSSS OMG THANK YOU), and what I’m left with is a part-time working summer which allows for a great deal more creativity than I could indulge in quite a while. And I am so. very. ready.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.30.09 PM.png

Photo Credit: Moi! Because my town has awesome used book stores.

But there’s been a plus side to not being able to type, or write, or do pottery for a couple months. Namely, I’ve had a lot of “down time” in which I could read books or listen to podcasts, and basically “catch up” on other aspects of life that had fallen by the wayside. Several great things have come out of this:

  • I’ve started reading for fun again. Granted, most of the last few weeks focused on getting to the end of required school reading (I am the teacher, after all, and there’s no relying on Old Memory for teaching literature. It just doesn’t work.) But now I can pick back up with my long-neglected TBR list. I’ll post later about that, but right now it’s enough to say I’m falling in love all over again with Emmie MearsAny Port in a Storm, her second book in the Ayala Storme series. I’d forgotten how much I love her acerbic wit, the moral dilemmas of her characters, the way the stakes rise constantly to an OMGnomore-whattheheck-NOWwhat level, without dropping a thread, or subplot, or losing the details of her fantastic worldbuilding. Fans of Buffy and Supernatural would do well to pick up her books, especially if they like strong female protagonists who can call a spade a spade, and skewer it blindfolded with a katana.
  • I’ve re-entered the world of podcasts. This is a seasonal pursuit for me – this, and audiobooks. Now that I have an adapter that allows me to stream podcasts from my phone through my car, I am all over catching up on back issues of Writing Excuses, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Sawbones on my long commutes. These people are my jam, and I can’t get enough.
  • I broke down and got a Tumblr. Mostly because I discovered the amazing Tumblr that is Diversity Crosscheck, which exists to help writers craft characters and cultures outside their personal cultural/ideological “center of gravity,” and do it in a way that represents those groups/cultures/religions/nationalities in a way that is more accurate and respectful. (Thanks to the Writing Excuses crew for putting me onto that one!) It’s a gold mine for writers, hands down. (I’m still figuring how to make my Tumblr page jive with all my other social media, and not be redundant; but I think I’m making it work.)

There’s more to list, but these are the main things coloring my writing and reading life right now. I also have every intention of picking back up with some of my favorite shows, mostly Haven and Bones and ST: Voyager and The X-Files. (I probably should pick back up with Buffy as well, or a couple of my friends may just straight-up disown me.)

Plus, now that I can write again, I’m putting down about 1500-2000 words a day, which is awesome. And when I get clearance for the pottery studio again? That will be even better. Because no writer writes in a creative vacuum, least of all me; and I’m ready to have all my creative pursuits back in balance with each other.

What about you? What are your creative pursuits that keep the imagination wheels turning? Got a podcast or movie or TV show recommendation? A book I should add to my TBR list? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!