Found this photo by Benjamin Godard this past week, on Pinterest and then on the amazing photography site, It has the right blend of real and surreal that I just love, and I hope it does something for your creative writing-brain as well. (I also highly recommend you follow the two links to see his other photography – the guy obviously has tremendous talent!)

Is this Peter Rabbit? Bugs Bunny? The White Rabbit? Roger Rabbit? Harvey? Or one of their dopplegangers? That’s if, of course, you draw from traditional childhood images and iconic bunnies that populate those and similar stories.

But there are other ways to interpret this. Suspense. Horror. Introspective. Or a thousand other variations. The real question is: Where does this image take YOU?

You have 150 words. One week. The Visual Dare tab is there for more info, if you need it. Post or link through in the comments. It’s that easy!

Now…let me know what’s going on here. Ready….get set…. WRITE.


Photo by Benjamin Godard, “Catch Me If You Can” on