Now for something completely different.

OK. It’s still a black-and-white photograph. The VisDare rules still hold (see the Visual Dare tab if you’re new and need more info).


This is an 1890 photograph I came across not long ago. As a history teacher, I’m constantly pinning such photos on various pinboards, and taking my students through a regular analysis about the unspoken truths that can be learned from old photos, even the unlabelled ones.

I don’t know a whole lot about the people in this photo. In fact, I only know what I can see – and that it was taken in 1890. But oh, what a beautiful couple!

And there are stories behind their eyes. Beautiful stories. Hard, tenacious stories. Stories of grace and mercy and bitterness and unfairness and fickle fates of fortune.

I would love my VisDare family to put a voice to this couple. It can still go in a myriad of ways, even the scifi or the fantastical. But I’m interested mainly in the souls shining through these beautiful faces.

You’ve got 150 words. One week. What is YOUR history for this photo?


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