Hello there! I am Angela Goff: teacher, writer, tutor, potter, and all-round regional whirling dervish.


I believe in:

…the power of the printed word,

…the singular magic of a reader’s imagination,

…and the “universal glue” of storytelling which binds us together.

Anonymous Legacy is my online hangout for flash fiction, Visual Dare prompts, and other writerly pursuits, including progress updates on my manuscript, Memento Mori. Visual Dares (sometimes known as the VisDare) go up every Tuesday midnight, with other posts airing on Mondays and Thursdays.



My current teacher photo. No – really. Just ask my coworkers.

As my bio on Twitter says, I am an ADHD teacher of history and literature. I have a deep, abiding love of stories, true and false. But I also can change channels at the drop of a hat.

Creatively, I’m most productive at 1 am, but my work schedule requires an 8 to 5 mentality.

I am a special education teacher by trade, but a potter by happy accident.

My car is a traveling closet of books, lesson plans, sidewalk chalk, adaptive materials, audio books, coffee cups, card games, drawing materials, and playground equipment.

In other words, I go through life prepared for any “Carpe Diem” eventuality, whether it is with my students, my nephews, or the sensory impaired babies I work with.

Life is a story. Either I’m living it, or reading it, or writing it, or helping others read or write stories.

It’s why I get up in the morning.

And it’s why I am so glad you found your way here.


Not very photogenic, but I do love to travel. 🙂

 And so — welcome! You’ve found a home here, and I hope you’ll stay. Readers and writers together make up a kind of family, and I’d love for you to be part of mine.

What’s in it for you:

~ Participate in the weekly VisDare, and sharpen your own storytelling skills

~ A chance to sound off on topics and ideas (mostly of a bookish nature; but I’m very ADHD, so you never know what else may pop up)

~ A place to be part of a burgeoning network of writers, readers, poets, and storytellers.

And if you like what you see – great! Tell a friend. Comment on a post. Let’s hang out on Twitter, if you’re there. Link my blog to yours, if you choose. (Especially if you’re a VisDare regular! Check out the Visual Dare page for a cool banner you can display on your own blog when you display your work).

85035-img_2409My writing space, when I can grab it: at a favorite coffeeshop with a scone, my laptop, and a BIG cuppa’ Joe. 

So jump on in! We keep things PG and family-friendly here, so whether you’re in middle school or retired, or some point in between (or beyond), I’m delighted to see you here.

I tell stories.

You tell stories.

We’re connected.

It’s as simple as that.