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VisDare 97: Almost

What happens during those “almost” moments?

When you almost arrive on time,

Almost get killed,

Almost settled for the wrong person,

Almost got singled out for the wrong reasons,

Almost went back on your promise,

Almost made the hard decision,

Almost gave up?

What happens in a world of almosts?

This photo should get you going in that direction.

See the Visual Dare tab if you’re new to the challenge. If you’re a vet – then the linky below is yours! (Or you can post in the comments if you don’t have a blog.) 150 words or less! Where is your World of Almosts hidden in this photo?




photo source



VisDare 95: Inculcate

Back to your regularly scheduled VisDare program!

This week, I deliberately chose a word that didn’t immediately resonate with the photo, just to give it an added twist. Please remember that you do NOT have to use “inculcate” in your 150 word entry (although you certainly can, if you like).

For further info on what comprises a classic “Visual Dare,” visit the tab by that name at the top of the page. Otherwise – here’s your photo, with the linky widget below! Don’t forget to read and give feedback to other VisDare participants!


Photo Source: Sally Mann Photography




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