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Out of Hibernation


Happy New Year! I hope you and everyone you hold dear had a fabulous holiday season, with minimal drama and the best of health and time spent with those who matter. Anonymous Legacy has been on hiatus since the onset of NaNoWriMo, but now that we’ve entered the new year, it’s time for a quick update on some things in Angela-Land:

1. I won NaNo this year for the sixth year in a row, which is pretty awesome. Not a full rough draft, by any means, but the sequel to Welsan and Jada’s story is off to a roaring start. So I’m feeling pretty good about where they, and their plotlines, are going.
2. Speaking of Welsan and Jada, Memento Mori is well into the query process. It’s generally bad protocol to speak about active queries on social media, so I haven’t – and won’t – say a whole lot about it here; but suffice to say it’s an exciting next stage and I’m learning a lot. A rather positive experience so far, I must say. 🙂
3. The VisDare returns next week. Tuesday midnight EST is when the next black-and-white writing prompt goes live, and with minimal changes to the format. In fact, the only big change is in how entries are posted – which will hopefully make it easier on everyone, including me. More on that later. 🙂

That’s it for now! Hope your year is getting off to a great start. School is gearing up here, so I guess I oughta teach class. I *AM* the teacher, after all….

How are YOUR creative endeavors going?

Drop by the comments and let me know! 

VisDare 116: Vague

It’s October. The seasons are changing. Days grow shorter. The cooler and darker the days become, the more my imagination tends toward the dark and mysterious. For me, Fall and Winter are the best seasons for writing.

This VisDare photo takes a step towards the creepy, but then – Halloween is not far off. What do you make of this image? You have one week and 150 words at your disposal. Spin your tale, and post it via the widget below!


photo source

VisDare 115: Surprise

Been holding onto this photo for a while. My mind goes in so many different directions when I see it: symbolic, whimsical, gothic, fantastical. What about you? What story springs to mind with this?

150 words. One week. Multiple entries accepted. InLinkz widget below. (Visual Dare tab available for newcomers!) Looking forward to seeing what comes of this one…

a77e1633482c4f35260e0834f6fd23ccphoto source



VisDare 114: Prepared

What is he prepared for? Or is he prepared at all? A man out of time, or ahead of his time?

Your story. Your 150 words. You have one week, and multiple entries are accepted.

InLinkz Widget is below, and the Visual Dare tab is there for the novices among us. Happy writing!


photo source


VisDare 113: Limbo

There’s a novel waiting behind this one. Or at least a darned good short story.

Get a head start on that wild idea now. Here. With a dark angel in jeans and a plaid hoodie. With a balloon. In the rain. I mean c’mon. There’s at least fifty directions in which a person could take this one, right?

150 words. 1 week. Multiple entries accepted. No prizes, just low-pressure fun to get the writing fairies in your head to spin gold into words. InLinkz widget below. Write, post, link, read other entries. It’s that easy! (Newcomers can see the Visual Dare tab for more info – and badges!)


photo source


VisDare 112: Corridor

New to the VisDare? Check out the Visual Dare tab for FAQs.


photo source

VisDare 111: Escape

And now…for a touch of whimsy, at child level.

150 words. One week. A Visual Dare tab at the top of the page to give more direction, if you need it.

InLinkz widget below. Be sure to link in, and read up on the other entries!


photo source

VisDare 110: Repel

No fanfare this time. A stunning photo. A word prompt that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. 150 words. One week. Multiple entries accepted. (For more info, see the Visual Dare tab.)

InLinkz widget below. Happy writing…!


photo source


VisDare 109: Safe


photo source

Last week’s VisDare, “Voice”, garnered only six entries, but boy did those writers make their words count. The delicate, poignant, even sobering ways in which they addressed the issue of violence – particularly as it impacts children – absolutely took my breath away.

Huge shout-outs to Bren Curry, Mark Ethridge, David Blackstone, Victoria Gallagher, Jo-Anne Teal, and Lisa Shambrook for giving a voice to those who don’t have one. If you haven’t read their entries, I strongly suggest you do so (although the issue of childhood violence may be a trigger to some, so be advised):

A Voice (Curry)

I See the Violence (Ethridge)

Shallow Graves (Blackstone)

Daddy, Please Don’t (Gallagher)

Blink (Teal)

Voice (Shambrook)

This week’s photo is along a similar theme, but without the trigger warning. The curious thing about this photo is the ambiguity of the situation. It would be easy (based on the starkness of the locale) to say that the boy is trying to escape something by sleeping outside – but is he?

This photo also needs a voice – or maybe I should say, perspective. What view can you bring to the situation? You have 150 words and one week – the field is yours. You can even post more than one entry, if you like. Just give this scene life, as only you can.

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